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Rules & Constitution

A&DTL  League Rules

1. Teams to consist of 4 players playing doubles, with each pair playing 2 sets against each of the opposing pairs i.e. 8 sets in total. Junior matches to consist of 2 sets of Boys and Girls doubles (played simultaneously); followed by 2 sets of Mixed doubles with the nominated 1st and 2nd pairs playing their opposite numbers.  Teams cannot play with just ONE pair. {Note:  New 'One Pair' Ruling under trial and review}.
2. Sets to be of a maximum of 12 games; with the set halved if the score finishes 6 games all (i.e. no tie breaks). Only the sets count towards the winning of a match. If a match finishes 4 sets all, the match is drawn.
3. Two points are awarded for a win, one point each for a draw.
4. Relegation and promotion will be two teams up and down, unless otherwise decided by the Management Committee. 
5. If teams are equal on points, the higher league position will be determined by the higher number of sets points won over the course of the season and if still equal, then the higher number of games won will be taken into account. If teams are still equal, then the result(s) of the matches between the relevant teams will determine the higher position in the league and if still equal, a play-off will be arranged between the relevant teams. 
6. A completed result must be submitted Online by the winning team within 7 days of each match (preferably 48 hours). If the match is drawn the result must be submitted by the home team. If a match is conceded or claimed for any reason, a result detailing the reason for this must still be submitted; otherwise no points can be allocated to either team. 
7. Any Summer results not entered online by 30th September, or Winter results not entered by 30th April, will be considered null and void, with neither team being awarded any points for that fixture. 
8. All trophies shall be returned to the Management Committee at the Fixture Meeting in February. 
9. Any queries relating to these Rules, or issues that arise should be put in writing to the Divisional Secretary. The Management Committee's decision on such matters shall be final.
Rules for Arranging and Rearranging Fixtures
10. Matches to be arranged at the Fixtures Meeting prior to the commencement date of each season and entered in the online system.  In the event of a dispute as to date agreed, the date on the website shall be final. 
11. Summer matches should be played mid-week from the end of April until the 3rd Sunday of September. Matches should commence at a time specified by the home team not before 6:30p.m, unless mutually agreed otherwise. Each team plays one match against each of the other teams in the Division, either home or away as determined by the Divisional Secretary. 
12. Winter matches should be played at weekends (except Mixed Floodlit matches) from the end of September to the 3rd Sunday of April. Matches should commence at 10:30 a.m. unless mutually agreed otherwise. Each team plays 2 matches against each of the other teams in their division, one at home and one away. 
13. Once arranged and confirmed, no fixture shall be rearranged unless the weather or the state of the courts prevents the match from being played. The final decision as to whether the courts are playable rests with the home team.
14 If a match has to be rearranged 3 new dates must be offered. Such rearrangements must be made within 21 days of the original match date. It shall be the responsibility of the home club to enter the rearranged date on-line within 48 hours of the agreement. 
15. A club with more than one team in the same Division must play the match(es) between their own teams before all other fixtures. In the Winter season, one match should be played at the very start of the season, and the other should be the first match played in the new calendar year.
16. After the Summer and Winter fixtures meetings 14 days will be allowed for matches to be rearranged if problems arise.
Player Eligibility Rules
17. Players must be a member British Tennis (BTM) and be linked to the club they represent.
18. Players may represent more than one Club in a season, but only one Club per competition. For example, a player could play Mixed for one Club and Ladies for another, but could not play Mixed matches for two different Clubs.
19. A player may not play in a Veterans match if they have previously represented the Club in a Division 1 match (Ladies, Men’s or Mixed) in the same season.
20. Ladies playing in the Veterans Competition (Summer leagues only) must be aged 40 at some point during the calendar year in which the competition takes place. Men playing in the Veterans Competition must be aged 45 at some point during the calendar year in which the competition takes place. (e.g. a lady whose 40th birthday is between January 1st and December 31st of the year of competition.)
21. Players in Junior matches must comply with the relevant age regulations as defined by the Lawn Tennis Association (.http://www.lta.org.uk/).
22. A player may not play for a team if they have played 2 matches for a higher team, or teams, in the same Competition that season. If a Club enters 3 teams in the same Competition, then a player who has played once for the 1st team and once for the 2nd team may no longer play for the 3rd team. Rubbers played by ineligible players shall be awarded to the opposition. 
23. If a Club has more than one team in the same Division, then a player can only play matches for one of those teams throughout the entire season. This rule overrides Rule 21 above in this circumstance.
Match Rules
24. The home team to provide a minimum of 3 new approved tennis balls per court. 
25.Late Arrival. Provided that a team believes it has 2 pairs of players for a match, i.e. one or more players are delayed for unforeseen circumstances, the match may begin.  If after 20 minutes of the agreed start time one of the teams is incomplete, the opponents of that team shall be entitled to one set and six games for every set missed as a result, in the absence of agreement to the contrary between the playing captains. Any decision to claim sets must be made clear at the start of the match. Sets cannot be claimed retrospectively once the match is complete, or if the match cannot be completed. If the player is still absent at the start of the second rubber Rule 26 below applies.  (i.e. match is  a walkover) and play may be stopped in the other rubber as all scores become null and void.
26. If a match cannot be completed due to the state of the court, weather or failing light, then a new date should be arranged and a match replayed in its entirety, unless either side has won a minimum of 4½sets, in which case that team will be deemed the winner and any un played sets will be declared void. If a Summer match is rearranged in this event, the visiting team shall have the choice of venue for the new fixture.  The date of the rearrangement to be entered online (Rule 14)
27. Matches may not be played with just one pair of players.
28. From Winter 2016/17 and future Winter seasons, if a team concedes 4 walkovers it will automatically be relegated.  Likewise from Summer 2017 and future Summer seasons, if a team concedes 2 walkovers they will automatically be relegated. All matches for that season shall be declared null and void.

Rules for the A&DTL Knock Out Cup

  1. Each team shall consist of two mixed pairs.
  2. Entries: Clubs may enter a maximum of two teams. One team in the Senior Cup and one team in the Intermediate Cup as allowed in Rule 3.
  3. The Senior Cup consists of one team from clubs in ANY Division. The Intermediate Cup is for clubs with mixed teams in Division 3 and below. No players in Division 1 or 2 (Men’s, Ladies, Mixed) may play in the Intermediate Cup.
  4. Finals will be scheduled for mid-September.
    To be eligible for the final, a player must have represented their club at least twice in the A&DL during the summer season prior to the final.
  5. Matches will consist of two sets to a maximum of 12 games against each pair. In the event of sets being equal at the end of the match, then the final result will be determined on the number of games won. If sets and games are equal, the nominated first pair of each team will determine the result of the match by playing the best of five games (e.g. 3-2) against one another.
  6. Matches not completed by the date specified on the knock out draw sheet will be declared void and both teams will be eliminated from the competition.
  7. The HOME team in any match is obliged to offer the away team 3 dates on which the match can take place.


1.   The League shall be called the Aylesbury and District Tennis League and membership shall be confined to Tennis Clubs within a twelve mile radius of Aylesbury.

2.   The object of the League shall be to organise annual competitions between players from member clubs.

3.   Application for membership must be made annually by all Clubs to the Hon. Secretary of the League prior to the 1st February.  The acceptance or rejection of such applications shall rest entirely with the Management Committee.

4.   The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held not later than the end of October.  Each member Club shall be entitled to send any number of representatives but only one of whom shall have the power to vote.  Six voting members shall form a quorum.  In the event of voting being equally divided, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

5.   A Management Committee shall be elected at the Annual Meeting to consist of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and three other members.  Three to form a quorum.  All members retire at the Annual General Meeting.  Nominations for election shall be in the hands of the Secretary not less than 7 days before the Annual General Meeting.  If more than one nomination is received for any one post, then election shall be decided by a ballot amongst all voting members.

6.   A notice with Agenda covering the Annual General Meeting together with a statement of account shall be sent to the Hon. Secretaries of all member clubs at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.

7.   An extra-ordinary General Meeting shall be called on the receipt of a written request from 6 Clubs.  A notice convening the meeting must be sent to all Clubs giving 14 days' notice.

8.   A member club may enter up to three teams in the Summer Leagues and up to three teams in the Winter League.  The entrance fee per team shall be determined by the Management Committee.

9.   The number of divisions and leagues shall be decided by the Management Committee.  New teams being entered shall be placed in the appropriate division by the Management Committee.  The Management Committee shall have the power to make or amend the rules of play for all competitions.

10. The safe custody of trophies shall be the responsibility of the winning club.  Clubs shall be liable for any loss or damage to League Trophies.

11. The Constitution can be amended only at the Annual General Meeting by two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote.  All proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary by 31st August and all such proposed amendments shall be circulated to Member Clubs with the Annual General Meeting convening notice.