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ADTL Constitution

October 19, 2015 - 11:22 AM

1. The League shall be called the Aylesbury and District Tennis League and membership shall be confined to Tennis Clubs within a twelve mile radius of Aylesbury.
2. The object of the League shall be to organise annual competitions between players from member clubs.
3. Application for membership must be made annually by all Clubs to the Hon. Secretary of the League prior to the 1st February. The acceptance or rejection of such applications shall rest entirely with the Management Committee.
4. The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held not later than the end of October. Each member Club shall be entitled to send any number of representatives but only one of whom shall have the power to vote. Six voting members shall form a quorum. In the event of voting being equally divided, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
5. A Management Committee shall be elected at the Annual Meeting to consist of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and three other members. Three to form a quorum. All members retire at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for election shall be in the hands of the Secretary not less than 7 days before the Annual General Meeting. If more than one nomination is received for any one post, then election shall be decided by a ballot among all voting members.
6. A notice with Agenda covering the Annual General Meeting together with a statement of account shall be sent to the Hon. Secretaries of all member clubs at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.
7. An extra-ordinary General Meeting shall be called on the receipt of a written request from 6 Clubs. A notice convening the meeting must be sent to all Clubs giving 14 days' notice.
8. A member club may enter up to three teams in the Summer Leagues and up to three teams in the Winter League. The entrance fee per team shall be determined by the Management Committee.
9. The number of divisions and leagues shall be decided by the Management Committee. New teams being entered shall be placed in the appropriate division by the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall have the power to make or amend the rules of play for all competitions.
10. The safe custody of trophies shall be the responsibility of the winning club. Clubs shall be liable for any loss or damage to League Trophies.
11. The Constitution can be amended only at the Annual General Meeting by two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote. All proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary by 31st August and all such proposed amendments shall be circulated to Member Clubs with the Annual General Meeting convening notice.